Reducing Stress for Managers and Organisations

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On the HSE website, they have created lots of recourses and tools to help managers and organisations on how they can reduce stress levels on employees by improving the way they manage staff.  It is important to look at their website and use this information and apply it to your workplace.

The HSE have come up with 6 key areas of reducing stress in the workplace.  These are:

·      Reduce the demands – under this you can look at reducing the workload of employees and changing the work patterns to make workflow better. Changes to the working environment will also make a significant difference in making work output improve.

·      Control – here you look at what control you have over decisions and how can this be changed.

·      Support – under this you employers need to encourage employees and give them the recourses they need to complete tasks to the correct level within the time frame required.

·      Relationships – here employers need to promote positive attitudes with managers and employees

·      Role – Staff to understand their role and where they stand in the company and ensure that there are no employees conflicting with each other over tasks and personality.

·      And finally, Change –Where there are changes, these need to be managed correctly and staff need to be kept informed, so they understand the impact on their work. Changes may also be organisational changes or changes of ownership of the company, these also need to be explained to everyone to avoid it impacting their work and stress levels.

By working with employees, managers can create a path to reduce stress in the workplace and manage workflows to ensure that stress levels stay low.  By continuously managing the six areas, any new stress concerns can be identified, managed and communicated to employees to keep stress levels low.